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Have you ever considered renting an RV for a family vacation? For some reason, the idea of spending days together with the family traveling America’s byways seemed like a wonderful way for our family to bond.  First, let me say no one in the family has ever driven an RV.   However, we had visited an RV show and became quite enamored of the idea of having our home comforts travel with us.  And all the little cupboards and beds looked so cute.  Plus, we loved the idea of taking a vacation where our newest family member Sam, the labradoodle, could come along.  What a great idea!

But, purchasing an RV seemed like too big a commitment for a one-week trip.  Renting an RV seemed the reasonable way to go.  We found that renting an RV is not difficult.  Fortunately, since we live in a major urban area, there was a rental firm not far from where we lived.  We then decided we did not want to drive the kind of RV you attach to your vehicle.  As novices in RV traveling we didn’t want to deal with the thought of backing up a car with a mammoth vehicle attached.  So we chose an RV that we could drive.  Of course, that meant that wherever we went, we would be in an RV—going through fast food drive-ins, going to amusement parks, out to dinner, etc.  It was a daunting thought.

Nevertheless, we forged ahead.  We rented an RV that would potentially sleep seven (there were five of us, not including Sam).  The rental company told us everything we needed to know, we signed a bunch of papers, and we were on our way.  There was Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad, Grandson, and, of course, Sam.  Getting out of the city was a bit hectic.  Especially when entering the on ramp of the expressway.  We hadn’t properly latched the refrigerator and as we rounded the curve everything, and I mean everything, started flying out to the floor.  Lesson learned:  latch everything and tie everything down.

Five people (four of which are adults) in an RV with a dog are crowded but it is not unlivable.  Fortunately we all like each other and generally do not get on each other’s nerves.  That said, we confined our trip to a short jaunt to a neighboring state just in case we found that, in fact, we did not like each others company as much as we thought we would.  We visited two amusement parks; in one we stayed on the park grounds and in the other, we stayed at a nearby RV campsite. Both the RV sites had shower facilities so we ended up not using the shower in the RV.  It was just as well since the door to the shower was broken.

Overall, we found driving the RV less difficult than we thought it would be.  And, in fact, it was wonderful to have all our “stuff” along with us.  We had a great time at the campsites making S’Mores and eating al fresco.

Would we do it again?  We would love to.  It’s definitely in the future family vacation plans.  If you want to give RV’ing a try, a rental RV is a great way to give it a try.