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Second Skin 6 - Hybrid Vehicle Coating System - Chemical Guys Car Care Protection
Chemical Guys WAC_224_02 - SS6 Second Skin Hybrid Vehicle Coating System (2 oz) Chemical Guys WAC_224_02 - Second Skin 6 - Hybrid Vehicle Coating System (2 oz) Why Buy This Product? Unmatched protection and brilliant shine Advanced hybrid protective coating Resistant to moisture, dirt, water and UV rays Enhances any color paintwork Developed to aerospace standards for long lasting protection About Second Skin Chemical Guys believes in developing the world's most innovative detailing products. Our product development specialists spend countless hours engineering detailing solutions to help protect cars, trucks, RVs, and motorcycles from the damaging elements of Mother Nature. We wanted to create a durable paintwork coating that truly protects your vehicle and also enhances the finish for a brilliant shine. After extensive research and development time, Chemical Guys has finally created Second Skin 6 --

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