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Northwest Ford Rap Music Video - We in a Trailer We're not on a boat. We in a trailer. Lyrics: *Aww yea Ford Event Tour We're riding in style Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Alasaka We coming to you That's right all of you Keep an eye out for us And just remember It's not a bus* WE IN A TRAILER It's a party mobile it's a party on wheels WE IN A TRAILER and it's totally equipped it's a mobile dealership WE IN A TRAILER we got a pimped out ride don't believe me take a look inside if you miss out on this i'll call you a failure BECAUSE WE RIDING IN A TRAILER Aw Check it Let me dissect it this trailer is the coolest trailer ever on the record we got strobe lights we got LCDs you in an old ride that smells like gouda cheese it's a party (it's a party) it's a party on wheels this trailer is the king of the automobiles we reppin ford yo, and that's word, yo and if you aint down with that you a nerd yo this trailer got the hot babes flockin see us in your town you better be down for some rockin st

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